Sushi Dinner with The Johnson’s

Winning Bid: $1,500.00


They might be the most talented basketball couple in the modern era of KU Hoops and we guarantee this is the best sushi you’ve ever had. Enjoy an unforgettable sushi experience with Elijah Johnson and his wife, Natalie Knight-Johnson and the Rexroad family, Gary and Angie. Six guests will be treated to at least 12 courses of gourmet sushi coupled with fine wine and great conversation in what promises to be a memorable night. Hear Elijah and Natalie tell stories from their Jayhawk careers while enjoying a world-class sushi experience. Last year this item with Scot and Dawn Pollard sold for well over $2,000. Help our Roundball kids and treat yourself to an incredible night of KU Basketball and 5-star dining.